Sunday, December 10, 2006

Whats new on Sinkhole Acres? Nothing very noteworthy. Nothing to blog about. I am enjoying my birdfeeders. This one is attached to the kitchen window with suction cups and I have Niger seed in it for the Goldfinches. Here is a male and female, the male is in his winter plumage. I just learned something this week. I didn't know that the male goldfinch changed his color in the fall! In the summer he is lemon yellow all over. Now he is a dull olive like the female. I love to watch them, especially this close up! Aren't they pretty?

I have 14 gallons of mulberries in the freezer that I am starting to make into jelly. The guy that I used to work with on the horse farm, Enrique, picked them and put them in his freezer. He asked me months ago if I would make them into jelly for half of it. Said he would pay for the sugar and jars. So now I have to get this done before Christmas. I have some of it thawed out and ready to cook today, about 4 gallons of berries. That works out to about 6 batches of jelly.

On Friday evening we attended the Christmas party for the company E works for. It was held at the American Legion here in town. It was interesting to watch some of the people dancing when the band was playing. Especially one older couple. He was using a walker, but he also wanted to dance. They parked the walker, his wife took his arm and they slowly circled the dance floor. He kept time with his free arm, but his feet were too slow to keep up the beat. He danced several dances with her like that and looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself! Since I don't dance, I just enjoyed my steak and watching everyone else.

Ok, gotta go and get started on my jelly.