Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dog or ?

We came home from work and about an hour later, Ed went to the backyard to feed the dogs but they weren't there! Or so he thought. He walked down the hill looking for him and this is what he found!
The tree was a dead cedar, and had fallen down at an angle. It was easy to get up the tree, even though he had to climb over a lot of small branches sticking out everywhere. As you can see from Ed standing next to him, he was pretty high up there!

He couldn't back down as there were too many branches in the way. He was standing on little ones with his toes, just barely. He really was stuck, and couldn't move. I had to hold onto the trunk and try to bend it down far enough for Ed to reach him. He had to break a bunch of branches out of the way so he could pull him off of it. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he ran for the water bowl and drank and drank!  Silly dog. He is always busy, playing with his ball, dragging a huge broken tree branch around the yard or digging hole looking for moles. He has killed at least 5 or 6 of them.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

This gas oven and stove from the old camper has really come in handy in this awful heat wave. It is just too hot to have all that heat in the house, so Ed parked this on the porch, and I cooked down the mulberries out on the porch! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us take that old camper apart.
The heat wave is effecting everyone. These little Carolina Wren babies need some cooler air. This nest is on our front porch, and in the shade, but the 105 degrees we were having when I took this yesterday was just tooooooo hot!
Here comes momma, or maybe daddy. The parent birds never slowed down at all, even though they would pause after delivering their bugs and worms, and pant with their mouths open.
Hot Momma!
As soon as the parent left, they would try to cool off by sticking out of the nest as far as they could.