Monday, December 31, 2012

Sam  R.I.P. 2000-2012
We had to put Sam to sleep today. He couldn't hardly walk, was very wobbly, was mostly deaf, and nearly blind. Last summer he woke up from a nap on his rug here in the house and was very disoriented, head and eyes going back and forth. He was Ok after about 10 minutes. Yesterday he was doing it again and also today. I asked the vet if it was a stroke, and she said no. It was something with a long name that I can't remember. She could see his eyes doing it today. His rear legs or hips couldn't hold him up anymore, so it was time. He was a good dog.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is way too much snow! It is very pretty, but is cold and inconvenient! Makes getting from here to there, difficult! Ok, I am done whining now. It makes the landscape beautifull.

Maddie was sure enjoying herself! She layed down and jumped up and did it again, at least three times, then she...

took off bucking and jumping! But even the horses are tired of it now too.

The hay wagons are looking for warm weather too!

This is my favorite photo, so far. I like the hint of faded red in this.

A chilly scene!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Do you suppose there is something wrong with me? Why? Because I love a good fruitcake! First you have to collect the ingredients. Lots of dried and candied fruit.
Then you have to cut some of it into halves, toast the nuts, etc.
Wow! 16 1/2 cups of fruit and nuts! This fruitcake never comes out the same, each time I make it, as I use different amounts and varieties of fruits and nuts. The recipe came from an old cookbook, from the 1940's I think, and it was called Dark Fruitcake.
Then you get a VERY large bowl, and mix it all up! That is a 5 pound bag of flour, for comparison, sitting next to the bowl.
Then bake it SLOWLY for 3 hours.
And then you have...dark, wonderful, fruity fruitcake! This recipe makes a 10 pound cake. I made this a few days after Thanksgiving, and it was stored in a cool place to mellow until Christmas. It is yummy!