Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ok, don't know what happened, but here are the pictures, hopefully.

The boys were eating a cookie!

Here is one of our triplet fawns. I finally got a photo of them even tho it was a long wasy away. Here, it is cropped and enlarged quite a lot.

Hmmmm, I can't get the link to work today either. But I will keep trying and post it when I can.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tomatoes, tomatoes!

I picked all the ripe tomatoes I could on Saturday morning and spent most of the day Saturday and all of Sunday making Spaghetti Sauce.
I planted the Paste tomatoes in my garden just to make into sauce. We do love spaghetti and toasted garlic bread.!

On Thursday the man we buy our hay from called and wanted us to come and get a load (one hundred bales) on Friday evening after work. We told him we would be there around 6:15. Our next door neighbor had asked to borrow the horse trailer so she could go and pick up a new horse she had just bought. She was to pick it up around 1:00 or so on Friday. When I got home at 4:00 and the trailer wasn't in her drive way I thought, Uh Oh, something 'aint' right here!(We needed the hitch that was on the horse trailer to haul our hay trailer)!!! About a half hour later she called me and asked if I could come and help them catch and load their horse!
I called Ed and told him what was going on and left with her and a couple of other people she had to help. On the way there she told us what happed the when they tried to load her the first time. It seems that she decided she wasn't going to get on that trailer no matter what. The woman that bought her ended up being dragged for 5o yards down a gravel road because she wouldn't let go of the horses' rope! The horse finally got loose anyway, and ran into another neighbors barn lot, so they closed the gate and left her there and came to get reinforcements. But it didn't help any, because no one could get close enough to her to get a halter on her, to then try to load her on the trailer. Finally after trying to catch her for an hour, she called it quits and said she would get her money back. GOOD PLAN!! That horse had an ugly attitude. I got home about 7:30 and we hurried over and got our load of hay. But it was 9:30 by the time we had it unloaded and put in the barn. And I got two blisters on my fingers to boot!!

Here is a photo of a surprise that Jake made for us. If you want to see what they do, the people that I work for here is a link to their company website. Check it out, they do some pretty pieces: www.heritagestonework.com. I am going to plant some flowers around it.

Here is a photo of my boys. They turned 1 year old this month.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Weekend

Today I canned 10 pints of Chili Seasoning using our tomatoes. In cold weather we eat Chili at least once a week. To make Chili using this, you brown a 1/2 to 1 pound of ground beef, (we use venison) and add a can of pinto or kidney beans. I hope to make a few more pints. I also want to make several pints of spaghetti sauce while the tomatoes are producing.

L, to answer your question, I blanch the whole ears for 6 or 7 minutes, cool in a clean sink of ice water, cut the corn off with a corn cutter like Mom has. Then I put 2 cups in a freezer bag and freeze. (there are only the two of us to eat it here). It doesn't have time to get any freezer burn. I sometimes add 1/4 cup of water to it to reheat it. It tastes like it just came from the garden.

The treehouse is built into a huge oak tree. If you can come up here and bring him with you, we will go to the tree house for him to explore to his hearts content. We will make it a picnic or something. It could be a 'field trip' for him.

E. has been using the bush hog to mow the pastures and twice now he has run over a yellow jackets nest and gotten stung. The first time he got 9 stings and the second nest he ran over he only got one, but it was on his ear, and the itching is driving him buggy. Oh well, one of the hazards of summer mowing I guess.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Nuttin New Here

What to write about? Things have been on a pretty even keel lately.
Here is a recent photo of my little boys.They had their first birthday this week.

I froze 14 pints of our sweet corn, and we ate lots too. It was so good.

Here is a photo of the treehouse at JW Jones Horse trails. It is something to see. I climbed up and looked out the windows. It is several stories tall. There is a room that is about 10 x10 at the top of the stairs. It is really neat. There are tie rails for the horses and a couple of picnic tables at the parking area at the bottom of the tree.

I made a loaf of Zucchini Herb Bread in the bread machine last evening. It has Italian seasoning in it and shredded zucchini. A tomato sandwich made with it is super good! Come and share it with me!