Saturday, November 25, 2006

Here are my little guys. Aren't they cute? They are just so huggable and such fun to be around. I took these photos on Wed. so they are current. It has been a while since I posted any photos of them. They are getting to be such big, little boys!
One day early last week this bird was sitting six inches from my kitchen window on this twig. It was a wet cold and raining afternoon. I suppose it was sitting here fluffed up, napping and trying to stay warm. When I made a small noise it looked at me, startled and flew away. Posted by Picasa

Balls of Fluff

Last Saturday E found these cute babies when he went to a farm where a friend of his stores his shelled corn. There are no houses in the area. E was filling his bag of corn to feed the deer, when these babies came running up to him! They were glad to see a human! He brought them home and we had them for several days, until we could locate a foster home for them through the local Humane Agency in our county.

These little buggers really did some damage to my house plants. They tore off the leaves of my philodendren and dumped over the pots of some of the others. I thought I had moved them out of the way! No way! They were all over the living room, climbing up on anything that would hold them, streaking around the furniture, and attacking each other with vicious baby kitten ferocity! Then, collapsing in a heap to sleep and regroup for another all out attack on the living room!

These babies were tiny, probably no more than 4 or 5 weeks just fitting in the palm of your hand. Barely eating dry kitten food. They were so soft and cuddly. And as little as they were they would purr when you picked them up to cuddle them! But alas, we couldn't keep them, so we found a foster home for them through the Humane Society in our county.

Our Thanksgiving

We got up early and ate a quick breakfast of cereal for me and Peaches and Cream oatmeal for E. Then I made two dozen eggs that I had cooked the night before, into deviled eggs. We stopped at Rural King in Martinsville to purchase a couple of Christmas presents for the grandchildren.

Then, it was off again to Lebanon to the familys pitch-in Thanksgiving dinner. We were told that no one was bringing deviled eggs, but two more people did anyway. So there were LOTS of eggs. There was plenty of food to go around, as several brought more than one dish. There were about 30 people, some of which after 10 years of being in this family, I still have to ask E their names! Some of them I only see once or year, sometimes less than that.

It was a good day, warm, sunny and unusual for mid November. We drove home, a two hour drive, and fed our horses, chickens, dogs and cats and called it a day. We brought home enough leftovers for another meal or two. Yes, I'm ashamed to say, I ate too much. My bad!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boxed Puppy!

This is Missy. She has decided to be an indoor dog this winter. Since she didn't have a bed of her own, she took over the cats bed! Does she look comfy? Well, we did go and buy her a bed of her own and she loves it! But I thought this was cute.