Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My latest  experiment was this bread baked in my cast iron dutch oven. It worked perfectly, but the bread had a bit of an odd texture.
It tasted ok, and really made good toast. The ingredients were only bread flour, yeast, salt and water. You start it the day before and let it sit at room temperature for 12 to 18 hours. I would do it again. Maybe my kitchen was too cold? Don't know.
Then, I made this! Persimmon Pudding with Caramel Sauce. I have never been a fan of persimmon pudding. I don't like the wet texture. Last year, I discovered a young persimmon tree at the edge of the hay field. Last year it only had a few, maybe a dozen persimmons on it. This year it had lots of them. I can't stand to see anything go to waste, so I picked them up and looked online for a cakey recipe. My sister made one last year, that I thought was really good. It was not so runny and wet as most of them. So I made one using her recipe. I also came across someones suggestion to use a potato ricer to separate the seeds from the pulp. Well, it worked very well! It wasn't messy, and I would do it again. Back to the cake itself. When mine came out of the oven, (and I baked it at least 20 minutes longer than the recipe stated), it was still wet! Yuck! We let it cool, and ate some of it anyway. Tasted wonderful! But the texture, ick! After sitting in the refrigerator, it was firmer, but I want to find a recipe that is more cake like. Anyone have one like that?

Catching Up!

I have had all kinds of trouble with Blogger and trying to post, and since at the moment it is being kind, you will get all my previous posts, all in one day!
I had some plum puree in the freezer, and didn't quite know what to do with it. I recently came across a recipe that I was able to adapt for Plum Butter that was made in the microwave.
Well, I like a challenge! Here are the key players,
And here is the result! I liked it so well, and it was so easy to make that I made four batches! Love it!

I found a recipe idea that sounded like it would work for me for breakfast and thought I would try it. I cooked some sausage, cracked up some eggs, added a little milk, cheese, a few red peppers....
mixed it up, and portioned it out in to a muffing tin, baked it, then froze them the little egg muffins. With a piece of buttered toast, breakfast is ready in the 30 seconds it takes to heat the muffin! And they taste good!