Monday, April 24, 2006

Here are some photos of our weekend. Sister S. and I went to Lexington, Ky. on a field trip with the Bloomington Photo Club, of which I'm a member. We went with another girl, who is also a member. By splitting our motel room three ways, it was affordable for all of us. This was an overnight trip. We left on Friday and got back on Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun. There were about 30 of us on this trip.

We took many photos. The top picture is of a horse barn, on one of the Thoroughbred farms that are so common to the area. The next one is of a different farm, with one of our members taking a shot of it also. We ate breakfast at the Jockey's Cafeteria. Then we went out to the practice track, where these last two were taken. These were shot early in the morning on Sunday. It was a very busy place, with horses coming and going, constantly. Are we looking at the next Derby winner? Who knows!

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Well, it seems I have been tagged. I have been out of town until sunday afternoon, and only just saw this. Six weird things about me?? Only six?

1. I cannot sleep when we are in the car, driving. Never could as a child either.
2. I don't like the bother of applying makup so I have only worn it about a dozen times in my whole life.
3. I don't like going barefoot.
4. I love cats!
5. I can't stand my hair hanging around my face so usually wear it in a ponytail.
6. I enjoy being out in the dark, just listening to the night.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My week has been pretty tame. The boys and I are doing ok. Some days they sleep 2 hours, and others like today it is 30 minutes. What is the reason? Wish I knew. Their lives aren't very structered, if that has anything to do with it. Some nights they both stay at the Grandparents house, other nights only one of them stays with the Grandparents and some nights they both stay at their daddy's house. (Where I sit with them during the day.)
We went for a long walk today, in the stroller. They live out in the country, so we have no sidewalks, only 4 wheeler trails in the woods to walk on. It is a bumpy ride, but they seem to enjoy it anyway. They usually fall asleep.

Last Friday was Chick Day at the local hardware store. I stopped after work to pick up Ed's chicks. No he didn't order any. When other people order their chicks, the company always adds an extra chick in an order of 25 in case one of them dies. (minimum order is 25). The store owner takes out the extra chicks and this year and last year he gave them to Ed. They are almost all pullets, and are of many different breeds. Last year we had 17 chicks, but this year we were given 31!!!! We will find new homes for most of them, once they are big enough that we can tell what breed they are. The store owner told me that out of 4000 chicks, they only lost three and one of those was a duck. Ours are all doing well, eating, pooping and growing. Here is a photo I took on their first day in our 'brooder house'. (our old little chicken house!)

On Sunday we went up to see the grandkids. They are 5 and 3. Eli is 5 and Evan is 3. It was supposed to be stormy all day, but it was a lovely day. We sat outside in their huge backyard and Ed helped the kids (he is Papaw to Evan but Eli calls him Grandpa) fly a kite. It was quite windy and the kite flew real well.

There has been nothing much out of the ordinary, just our little animal 'tales'.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today was a good day. Both of my boys were in a good mood most of the day. They are very different in personality. It even shows in these photos that I took today. J is very intense and has a very quick temper. So far he is doing good to sleep for 30 minutes at a time, no matter how tired. He wants to be held to sleep, as that is the way people have been accomodating him. I want him to learn to put himself to sleep eventually. D is easy going and easy to distract with a toy or something and today he slept for 3 hours. That was a first!

Yesterday we went outside in the stroller for a long walk. And they both fell asleep. J weighs about 13 lbs and D comes in at 15. We are learning together, how to work things out on a daily basis.

Cute aren't they?

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

We had a doozy of a hail storm yesterday. I was in the barn and wow was it loud, hitting those metal sides and doors! Here is a couple of pictures of some of it. The larger pieces are bigger than a nickel. Our vehicles have little dents in them!

We had a good lunch today. I had a venison rump roast that I had thawed and didn't have time to put it in the crockpot. When E got back from town today, he said whats for lunch? I dug out my pressure cooker and cooked it with onions and...wa la....lunch! I fixed a pot of green beans, made mashed potatoes and gravy and a pan of corn bread. It was so good! and to think I used to be terrified of using a pressure cooker. What was I thinking anyway??

Both of the babies have bad colds and so....I have one too!!! I have not had more than a cold a year, so does this mean I will get sick everytime they do? I used to, when I was a nanny before. This part I can do without!

Thursday evening, the babies grandmother and I went to the Taste of Home Cooking School that was being held at the IU Auditorium. This one was a lot bigger that the one that we all went to a couple of years ago. It was fun. No, I didn't win any door prizes. Boo hoo! There were some very nice ones.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello everybody it has been a long time! I am enjoying myself emensly, I had breakfast with my big sister today at 6:00 a.m. made a chocolate cake in the microwave and went out to help her feed the horses and back in the house by 7:15 and sitting here in the sunshine (that I don't ever see in the morning) at her computer talking to ya'll!!!!! How is that for a morning?! I came up here last night after work to go to a photography club meeting with her in Blomington. It was very interesting the man speaking had produced a book on the Amish of Indiana and had composed a slide show for us at the meeting. He had no trouble taking pictures of them and even there faces. He said they told him they would not pose but if they where working he could take as many of them as he wanted. Probably because he told them it was to be a tribute to the Amish and there way of life. He even had pictures from Martin/Davis county where I live and I reconized some of the locations.
Well I'm off to Mom's house today to have a wonderful dinner with them.. It worked out real good because I just happened to have today off and they invited me to come and eat how nice!! I would never turn down a chance to eat at my Mama's table if I can help it!! That is what Sharon and me made the chocolate cake for so we would have contrubution too.
I guess I better get off here so I can get on the road to Mom's house I have a little ways to go today but I don't mind I think it is going to be a beautiful day!!! Sarah Belle