Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot dogs and homemade potato salad! These were the new 'dogs' with no preservatives in them. They don't make me thirsty like the others always did.
So, how do you like your hotdogs? I had a hankering for a hot dog, with pickled onions and the whole works! But I didn't have any hotdog buns, so I made some! These were tasty, too. They were even good three days later. And do you know what made them so easy? They were made in the bread machine! These I will be making again!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I walked out onto the porch a couple of days ago and as I stepped off of the front step, I looked toward the greenhouse and noticed that something didn't appear 'right'. With closer inspection, this is what I saw. And it nearly made me feel ill! The top left  pane of glass was shattered into 27 million pieces! Oh, NO!
We had been having high winds, up to 35 and 45 MPH wind gusts. After seeing this, I wondered what had happened. Then I saw it, that nasty thing! A three foot long dead branch, about one inch thick, laying on the ground near the back of the greenhouse. It wasn't there earlier, when I had walked by to check the temperature inside.(It was 110 degrees, even though it was only about 48 degrees outside)! Hopefully, all the dead stuff has already fallen out of the surrounding trees, with all the strong winds we have had lately.
This is only the top pane of a double paned door panel, but we will have to replace it. We haven't figured out a way to keep it from happening a second time. This area is the only place we have to put it, near enough to the stove to heat the greenhouse, and still get some sunshine for the plants. We need to come up with something to let in the sunshine, but to still protect the glass. It will take some more thought, I guess. Yes, we will replace it, and try again.

Monday, November 07, 2011

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Saturday morning the sunrise was very pretty, mostly blues, orange and pink. I thought the view was extra special.

                  The silhouettes of the dark trees, reflected on the water was spectacular. I think someone said it was 34 degrees outside.
I soon went inside and found breakfast well underway. A good cup of coffee tasted so good!
Bacon, eggs, home made bread toasted, Rachel's tasty Blueberry and Cranberry cones, shoo-fly pie, fresh grapes and coffee.
It was a very busy kitchen!
Sharon, Mom, and Rachel, enjoying the unusually warm November afternoon.
It was a VERY big 'fish tale'!
Sisters, good friends, Rachel and Ruth.
Granny and grand daughter, Sarah Beth.
The day was made for long walks down country lanes.
Later it was time to mess up the kitchen again, for supper. Sarah is preparing to bake chicken for supper. With mashed potatoes, gravy and frozen corn from Lois and Kenny's garden. Also had persimmon pudding for dessert. It was the first time I have ever eaten any that I liked! It was so good I had three pieces!
The cabin, taken from the boat, while out on the lake.

Dad catching up on his reading, while enjoying the heat from the little stove.
Granny enjoying a magazine while guarding the persimmon pudding!
Yummo, s'mores! Sticky, sweet, gooey but sooo good!
Timmy and the catfish that he caught while we were eating those s'mores!
The cabin, in the dark, photo taken from the dock.
Sitting around the campfire, talking and enjoying the evening. OH, and the s'mores! I think everyone had a good time, and I know I enjoyed having everyone to reconnect with. Would love to do it again.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This is what kept me busy today. Golden Crunchy Pickled Onion Rings. I made 12 pints so there will be some to share. Recipe says they are good as soon as you make them, but if you can wait for 2 weeks for them to mellow, they are 'sublime'! Don't know if I can wait that long, as I haven't tasted them yet. Just licked the spoon that I stirred them with, when it was all finished. Tasted yummy!