Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ordinary Stuff!

Here are some ordinary photos of my ordinary life. At the moment there is nothing going on to blog about, so you get to see some photos of our outing last Sunday to the Derby Dinner Playhouse for my Moms birthday surprise. We all had a wonderful visit and it was worth every penny, just to have everyone there and to sit and enjoy our buffet lunch, and to talk and just to be together.

These photos were taken at Leavenworth Indiana, at a bend in the Ohio River. That is Kentucky on the far side of the river.

My baby sister, Sarah. It is hard to imagine her, all grown up! Cute cousins and their Auntie Sarah!

Who ARE these people???

Two pretty young ladies, Ruth and lovely daughter, Sarah Beth.
This photo is my contribution to the Olympics 'Chinese' theme. It is a small concrete garden piece, made up of three seperate pieces. It is in one of the gardens where I work, taking care of my little boys. It has an oriental look to it. There are hostas, and large limestone rocks all around it. Pretty, I think.

Here is another surprise that I found in the woods. Paw paws! There were lots of the shrubs growing in the area where we were cutting. They were all green and not ripe yet. It has been many, many years since I tasted one, so I don't remember what they taste like. I have seen recipes for using them. Maybe I will go back to get some, when they are ripe, just to taste them. If all the wild animals don't eat them first!

I hate these things, Cockleburrs, but I thought it had an interesting flower and the green burrs were rather pretty. But do they ever stick to the horses manes and tails and the dogs fur, if you let them grow and mature! Eeeek, they are nasty. I left this one alone as it was in the woods and on someone elses property.
Ed and I went to cut fire wood yesterday and when he was busy cutting, I was walking around with my camera and found this guy. He was so well camouflaged that he was hard to see! I also was sitting on a chunk of wood that had been cut last summer when something moving at my feet caught my eye. There was a toad, and how in the world did a toad survive, on this dry, logged over, hillside? There was not water, ANYWHERE near the place! There were lots of butterflies but I couldn't get any closer to them than about 10 feet, so I gave up on getting their photos.
Ed planted several Dewberry plants a couple of years ago. I have never seen such big berries! One berry is a mouthful! But when he fertilizes his garden in the spring, he puts some on these too. They taste good, but not quite the same as a blackberry. We have picked about a gallon and I froze them to make some jelly or a cobbler with, later.