Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here is the completed upscale, fancy, chicken mansion!! I haven't decided if they are grateful yet, because now they aren't really laying eggs. One a week, maybe. Click on last photo to see larger version.
Here is a shot of the 'old one' and the 'new one'. Quite a difference, eh?
Then, Ed pushed it into position with the tractor. It had runners on it, but they were rotten so Ed replaced them with treated lumber.
We set up a couple of jacks to hold it while we drove the trailer out from under it.
Here we are unloading it at home. We put a chain on the front of it and tied it off to a tree, and drove the truck out from under it.

Hey Mom, this is for you!! Here is our chickens' new digs!! And they love it!!
Here they are loading it on our trailer.


Farm Girl said...

The Secret Santa gift is a picture frame with two openings for photos. I don't think Ed wants to get rid of his new chicken house just yet.

Ruth said...

You must have some high class chickens!

Jeanie said...

Good job! Looks great. They will probably be back to laying more then you can eat, once they get all settled in.

I also like the picture frame's plaque,"I hope to be the person that my horse thinks I am." I think your horses are very lucky though for I know you are better then they even think you are, even if you are late with supper once in a blue moon! :) Glad you all had a safe trip!