Sunday, January 21, 2007

We have been watching this big buck at the deer feeder for weeks. He didn't show up until hunting season was over though!
This is the scene every evening starting about 4:30. They are lots of fun to watch. They rear up and paw each other and chase and smack each other with their front hooves. Wish we could get it on video!
Got snow? We have 2 inches. That is better than 2 feet! The birds are sure enjoying the feeders.

I feel pretty awful today because I have a nasty cold that I got from my boys. And my cat died. Toby, the black and white barn cat was found laying on the hay in the loft, gone on to 'greener pastures'.

Nuttin going on here. Just the usual going to work stuff.


Ruth said...

Well... suprise, suprise! I thought you might have gone on to greener pastures but I see you are still here. So sorry about your cat. We didn't get any snow, just a little ice that was gone by early afternoon. I love to watch the deer too. We don't have a feeder but every time you look out bea's window you see from 2-12 deer grazing. Some pretty close to the house too.

mom said...

a very smart buck !!!!! Sharon , yesterday Daddy and I saw ED in Corydon at Arbys He as driving a truck with some kind of busines name on the door and pulling a trailorwith some BIG BIG funny looking contrapsion on it.... He walked right in front of our car and if that wasn't ED he has an idential twin somewhere ,,,,,,, OH, yes,,,, there was a nice very well rounded companion traveling with him,She had short curly gray hair and looked to be about 65 or so....??????????????????

Jeanie said...

Yes, the deer are smart around here also. Hardly ever see them during the day while it is hunting season but know that they come at night to enjoy the fruits and veggies that I put out for them just outside my bathroom window. Sometimes I get to see them. Have also seen lots of bunnies and an opossum or two. :)

Sorry, but I won't be doing the Recipe Tree. Can't even spare the stamps right now. Ever so sad!