Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where is Spring?

I think everyone is fed up with this lingering winter. I know I'm tired of being cold and having to bundle up to go feed and take care of the horses. And they say there is global warming? Not in my neck of the woods!

Last Sunday our banty hen hatched out 4 chicks.It has been so nasty outside that they have been confined to their little house. The hen is getting stir crazy and wants out! Now if she can just hold on until Monday or Tuesday, it will warm up somewhat. They are as cute as can be! Sorry, no pictures yet. I will try to get some as soon as we can get her out of her house.

The spring bulbs that were given to me last fall, are coming up now. Since they were put in the ground late, they are later than everything else so they missed the major freezes. I expect some lovely flowers soon.

Here is a photo of father in law's Windmill Ranch. He repairs or builds them. He and E can be see on the corner of the back porch, grinding horseradish roots for sauce! This was taken a couple of weeks ago.

My truck let me down the other day. The electric door locks had been a bit sticky, for the last couple of weeks but would always open. Then, I was at the grocery store in the rain, and uh oh! it wouldn' open. The drivers door wouldn't open with the key. Thankfully the passenger side did! But I had to climb over the seat from the passenger side for a couple of days. Talk about turning me into a pretzel!! Anyway we got it fixed, at least for now. It did this once before, a long time ago and now if it ever happens again we are going to unhook all that electronic stuff and just use the key to open it.

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