Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!
What a beautiful day today was! Sun shining! Crisp and clear! 35 degrees! After a rainy yesterday, it was so nice!
I have had the last two weeks off because my little guys have been in Texas visiting their mother. I actually enjoyed cleaning the horses' stalls early in the day, and giving them an extra slice of hay for lunch. Something I can't do when I am at work all day. When it was 25 degrees and freezing rain was falling, they were glad to go in their stalls during the middle of the day!
I baked Amish Sugar Cookies, which E ate most of! I gave the horse shoer a sackful of them when he was finished with trimming the horses feet last Friday. And the satellite guy was here to trouble shoot our satelite dish, and I gave him a sackful also. Told them Merry Christmas and their both their faces lit up with anticipation! Glad I could make their work day a bit brighter!
Today we went and spent the day with the grandboys and ate a wonderful lunch. It was a lovely day.

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Ruth said...

I made hickory nut oatmeal cookies and we put some out for Santa but I don't think he got very many of them. they were disappearing fast.