Saturday, March 20, 2010

I made a pot of coffee this morning and baked this Strawberry and Cream Coffee Cake. Anyone want to come and help me eat it? It is pretty to look at, and tastes good too! I found the recipe Chickens in The Road Blog and just had to try it out! I used some of my own homemade ricotta cheese and mixed it with cream cheese. Oh yummy! I didn't know ricotta was so easy to make at home! Now, I'm going to make a Lasagna using my own ricotta.
Betty hurry, we have eaten half of it already!


Lois said...

You'd have it eaten by the time I'd get there. Tell me about making ricotta cheese. I always use cottage cheese, would ricotta be better?

Lois said...

By the way, it looks delicious. Good thing I don't live close, I'd gain bigtime.