Wednesday, August 15, 2012


These things give me the heebie geebies! That thing is going to BLOW!!
Enrique's wife gave me this almost new pressure canner. Still in its original box and with  all of its parts and pieces, including the instruction book.
So...I had two grocery bags full of green beans to can. I had never used this one before as ours doesn't have the dial, it just has the 'jiggler'. But I wanted to finish these beans before bedtime so I used both of them at the same time, never getting more than a few feet from this one, or from the instruction book, as I wasn't sure what to expect from it! What do I do now? Is it supposed to make THAT noise? EEK! Where is my mamma! Oh, you are all grown up now, so get a grip! I don't wanna, I want my mamma! Well, it didn't GET me, and it did cook the beans perfectly, so I guess I lived through this traumatic episode of my day!  


Lois said...

So you survived your day. Hope you got them all done, no cut fingers. Sorry we couldn,t come help you, no fun doing it all alone. At least I had mom and Sarah Beth to help with corn, Dad helped too . Got it all done today, another 3o bags. Gave a bushel away tonight and 8 quarts, ready fot the freezer. Done with that big job, till next year. Sarah took the day off yesterday and came down to help, boy was she a big help. Told her I'
d like to put her in my pocket, take her home to help me. She took a dozen bags homa too. Bless all who helped. The wind blew it ALL down in a tangled mess.

Bluebird74 said...

Yeah for you Sharon! Didn't you can with Mom at home with a pressure cooker? Where did you get the heebie geebies from did you have a bad experience with one?
Lois, I was glad to help :))

Farm Girl said...

This is a test, as I can't seem to get on my Blogger account.