Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh how I miss my camera! I accidently left it at M's and D's last weekend! and I need it. Now that it isn't here, I see all kinds of things I want to photograph! I would have taken it with me and took some pictures of our trail ride this morning. A friend had planned to go to JW Jones and ride this morning, and I was going to meet them there with Katie and ride also. was supposed to rain this morning. I didn't want to haul my horse over there and get soaked and cold. (A good excuse not to have to haul her?) She called and said they were going to go anyway as it wasn't raining, and would throw a horse in the trailer for me if I wanted to ride. So that is what we did. I drove over and took my saddle and rode Belle, a TW/Quarter horse cross. She was a good horse.
We rode for 3 hours! Oh my tender anatomy!! It isn't used to this kind of muscle work!
It rained last night, with thunder and lightening. The trails were very muddy, and in the lowest places it was deep and sticky. It didn't rain on us, (there were three of us) and it was a lot of fun. Maybe next time I will take Katie and ride my own horse. She has every other weekend off and wants to ride often.
Today it was 57 degrees and very overcast. A bit chilly for me, but good for the horses.

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Jeanie said...

Hey girl! :) Sorry you forgot your camera. Would have enjoyed the pictures of your outing for sure. I tried to call mom tonight but she had already gone to bed. I hadn't heard a word from her and was wondering how she made out on the trip to there. Your dad said that she has written me a letter that they will be mailing tomorrow, so I'll be looking forward to that. I didn't get a chance to go through the books this past weekend after all but I'm sure to find a few treasures in them. Would you be interested in the cookbooks I find? If so, I'll bring them along when I come to pick up mom. I'm planning on coming early enough, so I can spend a week there also. I'm going tomorrow to order an engine for my van. :) Love you!