Saturday, June 24, 2006

I want my camera!!!! So there! I never knew how much I used it, until I didn't have it handy.

Good news! E. got hired at the business in Bloomington, a couple of weeks ago! He is having to learn a new computer system, and to learn about new merchandise. It is still the same type of work that he did before, just a different company, with different brands of the same products. He is doing inside sales, (customers coming into the store), a few job quotes, and pulling orders for contractors, etc. Now he drives 14 miles to work, instead of 61 miles. He was putting 30 dollars in his gas tank every 3 days, and now only once a week or less. He works 8:00 to 5:00 and is home by 5:25, and before when he drove to his previous job, he left at 6:00 and got home about 6:40. He is a happy man!!!

We have been trying to get our hay cut and baled, but depending on others to do it just doesn't work. We don't have a mower, so have contracted out to get that done, then we planned to rake and bale it ourselves. But...this person...has not even cut it yet! It was ready several weeks ago. It is yellow and wayyyyy overripe now. Ed has threatened to just mow it off with the bush hog. Everyone around us has had their hay in the barn already. Says he had an equipment breakdown, then the weather didn't co operate. Well, maybe, where is he right now? We have several days of nice weather starting today! Hmphhhh!!! We do know he did a field of hay for a neighbor, since he said he would do ours. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, huh??

The flowers that I planted in the porch boxes are beautiful! Sorry, can't take a photo of them for you!! (I want my camera!!!!!) can you tell I miss my camera??? My garden is growing, there are 2 inch long cucumbers on the vines already. Have a couple of tennis ball sized tomatoes. These are volunteer tomato plants that came up uninvited, from last years garden. So we don't know what they will be like. The ones I bought and planted are just starting to bloom.

E. has gone to his sister and BIL's home to get a load of fire wood. A storm blew down a large tree in their yard and they said he could have it if he wanted to come and get it. It is a two hour drive, pulling the trailerup there. They live just west of Indianapolis.

Nothing much going on around here. Gotta go and mow the grass today. It is neary long enough to make hay out of it too!! Going to go and make myself a cup of hot tea first, 'talk at ya later'.

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Jeanie said...

I'm sure Aunt Marge would enjoy another visit while you are there to get your camera. :) It is amazing how much we miss something when it isn't there or not working properly when we need it! Thinking about my printer, so I know how you are feeling! I would go out and buy a new one, IF I hadn't just spent the $42 on the new carriage and another $30 for extra ink cartridges. *sigh*