Friday, July 07, 2006

An Early Morning

It looks like we will be baling hay on Saturday or Sunday. It was cut on Wednesday afternoon. It was supposed to be cut nearly 4 weeks ago, so it will not be very good hay. But as E. says, the horses can pick through it and eat what is edible. At least it is free hay, except for the labor involved. Ours, no less!

I went to JW Jones yesterday and picked black raspberries again. They aren't as plentiful as the blackberries. Can't wait until the blackberries are ripe, there are millions of them over there! They need at least another week before they are ready.

Cucumbers anyone? I have already picked 5 or 6 and there are many more. They are just now starting to really produce and are seeming to be ready all at once. I planted Bush Cucumbers, and they are sooooo prolific! What I like about them is the plants are a managable size. They don't overun my very small garden. But there are more than I can eat! Help!!
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Yvonne said...

Your fields are just beautiful! How lucky you are to have so much nature in your life. I will be over soon for some cukes! (kidding of course)