Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cruel People!

Friday on my way home from work, I thought I would try driving down a different road or two, looking for black raspberries. I felt an urging to 'turn here'. So I did!
I didn't find any raspberries, but I did find a little black puppy standing on the edge of the blacktop, when I topped a hill. I had to go and turn around and come back, and when I did, and got out of my truck, what did I see but six MORE puppies! OH NO, what do I do now? I CAN'T leave them here to be squashed, or to starve!! So I piled them into my truck and drove them home with me. I put them into one of the chicken yards, (after shooing the lone chicken outside to eat grass). They were only about 5 or 6 weeks old. Just starting to eat solid food.
I called the local Humane Society and they said that I could bring them in On Saturday morning. She said they have no trouble placing puppies.

Saturday morning early, I went to JW Jones (where I take my horse to go trail riding) and picked black raspberries for a couple of hours. Then, after I got back, E and I gave Penny (our chow,) a bath. She hates to be bathed so we drive two metal fence posts about 3 feet apart and then tie her to each one. She is forced to stand between them. She can't escape us or her bath that way. When she knows she is REALLY tied, she just takes it. Later in the afternoon after she was dry, we brushed and combed and picked her coat. It looks a lot better, but still not good. It is dull and dry looking. She is itchy and her hair is thin. We didn't see any fleas either. We use Frontline Plus on them. E is going to change dog foods when our current bag runs out.

When the evening feeding was done, we drove into town to the Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. Yum!

Today, after work, I went back to JW Jones and picked more raspberries. It was 93 degrees so I didn't stay but an hour. I spotted a Whitetail Doe in the underbrush, waiting for evening when she will come out to feed. I backed away quietly, and she didn't get up and run.

I made a Raspberry Cobbler for supper tonight. It was a new recipe, and I thought it was superb! The topping was light and the berries were delicious! I am going to make that one again real soon.


mom said...

sounds like the sour cream and soda did a good job ..sounds yummmmmmy

Yvonne said...

What posesses people to think it's ok to just dump a litter of puppies like that>??? Thank goodness you found them - oh, and glad to see you got your camera back?! Your cobbler sounds yummy!