Saturday, February 17, 2007

It is still winter!! I wanted to wake up this morning and find it 50 degrees! No such luck! It is SNOWING! EEEK! I hate winter!

When I woke up this morning, ED was MAKING waffles! He had his Mayberry cookbook out and was stirring up a waffle batter! That is a first! They were good too, with butter and maple syrup. Yum! (I usually sleep in on Saturday mornings.) Getting up at 5:30 is for the birds, at least until there is some daylight.

An update on the missing chicken. Our next door neighbor (the one that owns that awful dog) came over carrying a garbage pail, and said guess what I found? She had found the hen, over by her barn. There were no marks on the hen, that stupid dog just killed it and left it. Played with her I would guess. But that dog is GONE now. Thank goodness!

Did I mention that I hate winter? We have had a very hard time trying to find sawdust for the horse stalls. Last weekend we went to Rural King and bought some pelleted bedding. You have to spray them with water, then they expand and fill the stall. I had never used them before, but they smell so good and they really expanded to fill the stalls. But they are expensive so this was an emergency measure. We had tried to get someone to haul us some sawdust for weeks, but they couldn't or wouldn't. But yesterday one of the two guys finally could get some and brought it and dumped it in front of the barn. When we got home we started shoveling, and shoveling, and shoveling! It was a huge truck load! More than we could get in the barn! And it was full of chips and splinters and pieces of wood.
We shoveled all we could and the rest is still sitting there! It may last us until next October. But now we have plenty of bedding!

E has just opened the kitchen window and is trying to do away with a chipmunk that has been coming to the birdfeeder. He hates those little varments. All morning we have heard one in the walls of the house, chirping away! Now he hates them even more, because it disturbed his nap!!


Jeanie said...

Sorry to hear about Ed's favorite hen. Glad she had the sense to get rid of that dog promptly!

We were awakened this morning by a starving beagle that was barking at my suet feeder that she was not able to reach. She had already gotten one down out of the tree and emptied it. I had one with bread in it that she literally tore the door off of it, because I had wired it shut. (The squirrels had learned how to open that one.) Now that is one hungry dog! There is no collar, so I called the Animal Control. They don't work on the weekends. Meanwhile I fed her and she is very loving but timid as most female hunting dogs are. So sad.

Boots and I said...

hi sharon
i enjoyed the pictures. i'm with you about winter glad that i don't have to get out in it. i'm wondering if you have ever gotten snowed in because of your long driveway
love aunt marge

Ruth said...

Sarah called me from Mom's, she can't comment becauce her computer wont show the word verification box. She just wanted to say to Ed that she knows how he feels about his favorit hen. I don't remember this but she said she came home from school once and found her favorite hen, Penny, and a few others stretched out on the kitchen table stark naked and missing a very important part of her anatomy. Poor kid.