Saturday, February 24, 2007

This has been a pretty 'ho hum' week. Most of the snow is gone, but it sure feels like winter out there. 35 degrees and rain. The rain hasn't started yet, but we are supposed to get up to an inch or so. Yuck! We have lots of mud already. My daffodils that were 4 inches tall in early January have completely disapeared. I hope they will come back and bloom. The cold weather really did a number on them.

The log splitter that E has, has been giving him fits, so this morning he took it back to the repair shop for them to try again. This is only the third time it has been there this winter! As soon as it gets warmed up, it starts to choke down, and will stall under a load. He has tried everything he knows, so maybe they can figure it out again. Third time is a charm, right?

My poor horse, Solomon. Somehow he has got a nasty gash on his face about an inch above his left eye. It has only torn the skin, there is no damage to his eye, but it sure looks bad. I couldn't find anything in the run-in shed that was protruding, like a nail or anything. Don't know what happened to him.

On Monday Taco (barn cat) is going to the vet for an evaluation. He has a large growth on his head above his eye. It is getting bigger and is now forcing his eye shut. His eye isn't involved, except from the weight of it above his eye. The vet won't take it off without looking at him first. We will see what she has to say about it. This growth is about 2 inches long and as big around as my thumb. It is centered about half way between his ear and his right eye. It has only come up on his head since about October. It hasn't seemed to bother him until now, when he can't open his right eye. So we will have it looked at on Monday.

I have been planning to make some Corn Cob Jelly since before Christmas. I didn't have time to get it done in time for Christmas gifts. I just today got it done. It is so pretty to look and it tastes good too. Ed likes it and his step mother has asked me for it. She absolutely loves it. It has a fruity taste, but different than anything else.


Ruth said...

Do you put any flavoring in the corncob jelly or does the corncobs flavor it any? I wish I could have some more of Moms Cherry Tomato jelly that tasted like cherries.

Rachel said...

Sounds, well.... different, I would like to try it tho. I found /2 of a jar of plum jelly in the fridge yesterday, I thought it was all gone. What a nice treat on warm bread fresh from the oven.

Farm Girl said...

No I don't flavor it with anything. It has it's own flavor. I made this in the only jelly jars I had left, and those were the 4 ounce. They are tiny! If I can remember, I will bring you some to try.

Yvonne said...

Ok - am I the only one here who has never ever heard of corn cob jelly? What are the ingredients (besids the obvious?)