Monday, September 03, 2007

The other day, I stopped to fill my little pickup truck with some 'go-juice' and this is what pulled in to the air pump. Those black cows were packed in the trailer, but they were wanting to see what was going on out there! There were a couple of cowboys or farmers or whatever you want to call them in the truck. They put air in all the trailer tires, then headed to wherever it was that they were going with their 'mooies'.
This little kitty is a new addition to our pet family. E went outside to feed one morning a couple of weeks ago about 5:00 AM. When he and the dog stepped outside on the porch the dog discovered this kitten hiding in the shrubs along side the house. E called off the dog, but the kitten was too skittish to get his hands on it. He went on and fed the horses and chickens, and we had breakfast and E went to off to work. We kept the dog inside, and I went out and sat down on the porch as close as I could get to the kitten, about 3 feet away. I talked to it and edged closer until I could touch it. I picked it up and it was so skinny and its eyes were all goopy and it cried almost non stop. It was scared, lost, sick, and hungry. I fed it, decided to call it Ella. We had a large cage on the porch that we had hauled some chickens in. I put her in there, with food and water and went to work. She wasn't afraid of dog at all, so a few days later, I had let her out of the cage and gone into the house and forgot about her. Well, when I came back out about an hour later, the dog was chewing on her pretty badly. She acted injured, wouldn't put any weight on her left front at all. I took her to the vet because I thought something was broken. When I picked her up, they told me that my kittens name was Elliot! and that the dog had just bruised him pretty badly. He is fine now, (but has been an expensive kitten!) We still have to watch them all the time if the dog and Elliot are out together. The dog isn't being mean, just playing but the kitten is just too young and fragile. Here he is relaxing in the dog house, on the front porch.
We were getting a load of fire wood and the loggers had left for the day when we went up there. Some of their logs were there waiting for them to load them, and E stepped off this one. It was 72 feet long!! There were several more that were almost that long. Wow! They cut them into much shorter lengths to truck them out. The farm owners told us that they hauled 29 loads of logs out of their woods. They have lived there 47 years. He is 83 and she is a tad younger. He has never lived more than 1/8 mile from where he was born! Wow! I just thought that was amazing, to have lived in one place so long!

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Yvonne said...

Such a cute little kitten! Oh, and that's a lot of firewood!!!