Friday, September 14, 2007

This is something E has been talking about doing, for several years. Well the way the hay situation is, he decided to bite the bullet and actually do it. We went to the Soil and Water Conservation Office and rented their no-till drill and planted orchard grass in the existing fescue back pasture. It makes a 1 inch deep furrow and plants seeds in the furrows. Hopefully it will rain a bit and get it started and we will have some decent hay for next year. Pray that it works. He also wants to add some fertilizer too, soon.

Elliot is getting bigger. He must feel a lot better now, because he doesn't sit and cry at all and he plays non stop. He chases anything that will move and he climbs up on anything that will hold still long enough. Here, he is trying to 'kill' his stuffed mouse! He had so much fun with that mouse, but he has lost it or the dog has carried it off somewhere. We can't find it anywhere. I've seen him knock it off the porch and he would run out in the yard and pick it up with his teeth and it carry it back and play with it some more!! Another hummer photo. I liked this, because of the birds' little feet. I thought that was so neat! It was late evening, hence the silhouette look. They are still fighting over the the three feeders. How do people get several hummers to feed at the same time. I've seen photos of up to 16 hummers all sitting and drinking at the same time. This feeder has six ports but there is never more than one on it at a time. I wish I knew how they accomplished the 'dining room' effect.

Here is a male Indigo Bunting that I spotted on my finch feeder this summer. He is so blue and bright and pretty. This feeder was right outside my kitchen window, so I would prop my camera on the window sill and snap photos. Then...the woodpeckers found the finch feeder and drilled it full of holes so that it wouldn't hold the finch seed anymore. We gave up and quit feeding the birds. We will do it again when it gets cold, but waaaaaaa, in the summer there are a lot of different birds that won't be here when it gets winter cold.
Today being E's birthday, I took him out to eat and he chose a Mexican Restaurant that we have eaten at one other time. It was yummy then, and it was yummy tonight. Yummo!! to get right back on my eating plan again. Oh it was so good too!


Yvonne said...

You take the most amazing photos! Elliot is such a pretty little cat, too! Praying for the fields for you!

Jeanie said...

Loved all the pictures! Happy Birthday E! Hope you had a good fiesta. :) It was great seeing you both. Thanks again for driving me around.

Jeanie said...

Sorry to bother you but I couldn't sign on to my blog so I decided to try here. I'm updating on mom. Love you!