Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello all, it is hard to imagine that it is the middle of November! It was so nice out today! We had hundred or maybe millions of ladybugs swarming today! This warm weather has brought them out. Had to keep flicking them off of me and out of my hair.

I brought my little boys home to our house today. E is home this week on vacation and it was so warm, I thought it would be good for them to get out. They loved it. The chickens intrigued them, but were afraid of them. The chickens would go into their house every time they came close to the chicken pen, but they eventually got so they would stay out side just to see what was 'out there'?

The horses ran from them when they first got here, but soon came back and J would reach out one finger and touch Solomon on the nose, then he would laugh and look so proud of himself! D wasn't afraid of the horses at all. Had to watch them awfully close, though. They had no fear after a bit, and those horses are awfully big!

Then J saw the TRACTOR! They couldn't get enough of sitting on them. One on each tractor, turning the steering wheel back and forth. E had gone to get fertilizer for the hay field and they helped him put the hitch plate on, screwing the nuts on the big bolts. They loved it!

E found a recipe for Cowboy Crockpot Beef, Beans and Bacon in the last issue of Western Horseman. He said I know what I want you to make for supper! So yesterday, I made them and wow! were they good! I just tasted them as beans aren't on my eating plan at the moment. I could have eaten the whole potful!! So good!

Other than the daily chores, going to work, cooking supper, and feeding the animals, nuttin is going on around here. Just our ordinary 'stuff'.


Ruth said...

Im glad you got to get out and enjoy the day too. I was fighting the lady bugs also. I was at the shop working on a sign and they were going down my neck and everything.

Yvonne said...

What??? You describe something so totally delish and you don't share with the recipe??? Sheesh!!!