Saturday, January 26, 2008

So why do I have such a hard time 'updating' my blog? Is my life so outrageously boring? Sometimes I just sit here and wonder what to write and why am I doing this. I enjoy 'writing'. Used to write letters of up to 6 or more pages, to friends and family. Somehow this has sort of fallen by the wayside. Don't really know why but...

Anyway, here are a few things that have occupied my attention lately. Last Saturday we had an appointment at the vets, to take Penny, our female, 6 or 7 year old, black, chow dog, and Taco our 12 1/2 year old male barn cat, for a visit. Penny has allergies so bad that she scratched non stop, and she was losing her hair. She looked and smelled awful. The vet gave her a steriod shot and on Tuesday she will start her Prednison pills. We have tried baths, changing her food, nothing has helped. This is the last resort. Allergy testing is too expensive, about 260.00 the vet said. Not an option.

Taco has had some kind of cancer on his nose for about 5 years. (Can't remember what the vet called it). It didn't bother him until lately. It had recently started to eat into his nose and bleed. He was not a happy cat anymore. So we helped him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Now he is playing and laying in the sun to his hearts content.

I have come to the conclusion that the farrier that we have been using for the last year and a half was not doing my horses any good. Solomons feet seemed to just get worse and worse. The shape of them was changing and not in a good way. So I went online to some Barefoot trimming sites and found a new farrier. He came last Monday, and trimmed all three of the horses. He did say it will take about 3 months to get Solomons feet back to where they should be. He knew the previous trimmer and wasn't impressed with his work at all. This new guy is accredited and graduated from a Naturel Barefoot Trimmers school in Georgia. For those of you that don't know, a Barefoot Trimmer is one who is trained to trim horses like the feet of the wild mustangs in the west. It is the most natural way for the horses' feet. Shoes are a necessary evil for certain situations but barefoot is the best if possible.

Caught a 24 hour stomach bug somewhere. Thursday I felt fine until I got home from work. I was chilling, and couldn't get warm. Took a hot shower and went to bed. Couldn't eat, didn't want to eat. Food was revolting to even think about! I feel better now, but still haven't eaten much of anything. Just not hungry.

I have been a member of an online discussion board for several years. This is on my favorite horse trainers website. Someone on there suggested that we make a quilt and raffle it off to benefit a Horse Rescue located in Maryland. Here is a link to view the rescue: One of the women that works at this rescue is also a membe of the list. She related the story of a pretty dramatic rescue of about 70 horses that weren't being fed or cared for. Those of us that wanted to, are now making quilt blocks to be sent to another list member that is Florida. She will put all the blocks together and make it into a quilt. We can design our block in anyway that we want to. I have one of mine almost done. When it is finished I will post a photo of it. I've never done anything like this before and loved the idea of people from all over the country doing this. Isn't the internet a neat thing?


Lois said...

Wow, nice new picture of the new you.I thought I was on the wrong blog. Sorry about the poor kitty. I was at the house the day they rolled the backhoe off the truck and dug Windy's final resting place. I thought I'd choke from the lump in my throat. It was a sad, sad scene to see her being led away for the last time.

Jeanie said...

Sorry about Taco. I looked back through my pictures to try and figure out how old Boots is. I found one that I had wrote on the back that he was born in Oct 2001. He is still young then. He should have been named Fat Cat. Makes my arm go to sleep when he lays on it! I put a collar with bell on him this evening, as he loves to go outside. I still have my bird feeders and don't want him to kill any. He is probably too fat (therefore too slow) to catch one but I don't want to risk it either.

Hope you keep on plugging away at blogging. I enjoy whatever you post! I wish we lived closer, so I could see you in person more often.

Will look forward to seeing the quilt block when you get it done. What is the theme? Yes, the internet is wonderful for lots of things.

Rachel said...

Oh, Im not happy at all now, my big sister looks 30 years my junior. Girlfriend you could pass for a teenager. Me, not doing so good, gained 12 pounds over the holidays and it it stuck there.
We had to put a kitty to sleep a few years ago and its not an easy thing to go thru no matter what the size of the pet, so sorry.