Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Katie, the Mom

Maddie, the daughter

I found this "Horse Quirks" on another horse lovers blog and thought I would list some of my horses' strange quirks too. There are lots of things the three of them come up with but here are my six:

1. Maddie has this weird thing she does with her tongue that just drives my husband crazy! she sticks her tongue in and out rapidly and makes slurpy noises. And she especially like to do it if she can find a puddle or even in the water tank.

2. Katie has this cute habit of holding up her right front leg, folded at the knee, while she is waiting for me to put her supper in her feeder.

3. Solomon is a licker. He will lick my hand for a long time. It is almost like a kiss, so glad to see you again!

4. Katie will lay her head on your shoulder and shut her eyes. A horse hug?

5. Solomon will eat anything as a treat! If he hears a crinkle of paper or a wrapper, he will come from anywhere as long as he is within hearing distance to see what you have brought for him! The mares are a bit more picky.

6. Maddie plays in her water so often at night that she has to have the bucket locked to the stall wall. She will kick it and throw it around and bang it back and forth. The more noise the better!


Gabby said...

Animals are so funny! Our dogs have some weird quirks, too. Love the new look, and that is such a pretty picture of you! That color looks just great on you!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have a mare who stands with her leg up like that when she's waiting for food or anything else she might be excited about.

The last pic is hysterical. Great timing on the photographers part!