Sunday, June 01, 2008

Last summer at someones yardsale, we met a man that is one of our close neighbors, but we didn't know him, or that he was a neighbor. We spoke about horses, and he invited me to come and visit his wife and talk to her as both he and his wife train horses for people. But with one thing and another, I never did it. Yesterday as we came home from town, with nothing pressing to do, Ed and I stopped at their place. It is just one county road over from where we live. We asked about their training methods, feeding practices, as everyone does things differently than the next person. Checked out the barn, and the other horses that were there.

Ed and I have been discussing getting help with getting Maddie started under saddle. I don't bounce like I used to, and don't want to get hurt, so this is why we were seriously checking them out. We were there for an hour, talking with them.

Today, they came over to our house to check out Maddie and see what they thought. (Said she was a good looking horse.) They invited me to come and ride with them also. So this afternoon, I saddled Katie and rode back on the trails on the Nature Conservancy that is behind our property to meet them. That is where they also ride, teaching young horses to be 'trail smart'. We rode for an hour, and Katie was really sweating, as this was only the second time she has been ridden this year! Me bad! She (and I found out me too, are so 'out of shape'!)

We have decided to take Maddie over to them for a short time to get her under saddle. I have done a lot of work with her already, just have not rode her. One day this week, we will load her up and take her over there, along with her own hay, that she is used to. They live close enough, that I could ride her back home when it is time to bring her home. I have been invited to stop in as often as I wish to see her or see them work with her. Which I will do. As often as everyday, most likely.

I have been working on my flower garden and also have added a long row of Hostas to the front of the house along the front porch. They were large well grown plants, and I had mulched it and it looked so nice! I tied Sam (yellow Lab) to the back of the truck that was parked nearby and came in the house. Came back out about 45 minutes later and that &#*@&^%#* dog, had dug them all out, tore them up and dug holes all through the bed that I had them planted in, which was about 15 feet long! I could have easily killed him with a hoe! (Not really, but I sure felt like it). It wasn't his fault. I should not have tied him with in reach, but he has never done anything like that before, so had no reason to expect such devastation!

Anyway, I gathered up the pieces and replanted them. It doesn't look nearly as nice as before but they are all growing, albeit, slowly.

I can't take photos, because a certain someone, has borrowed my camera, (boy, do I feel naked without it!) therefore you will just have to imagine what it looked like that day when I walked out on the porch! It still maked me angry!

I'm sure there are other things I was going to write about, but they have left me. It is nearly 11:30, and my brain says, Enough for now. Will catch up another time.


mom said...

OH,n00000000OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! mom

Lois said...

Oh Wow, I'm out of breath. That was a nice long update. Sorry about the flowers, that would have got my goat too. Thank the Lord for generators, and water, and washingmachines and, and, and...........Nice to know you are still out there, and kicking, maybe not so high but still kicking.