Sunday, June 08, 2008

What a Week!

Whew! We had some nasty storms, beginning on Wednesday as I arrived home from work. I jumped out of the truck and ran and got the horses into the barn and into their stalls, when the sky opened, with thunder and lightening for background music! I stayed in the barn until it let up a bit, then dashed for the house. But the storm only intensified when I was inside. We had 3 inches of rain in short time and 60 mph winds! Then at 4:25 the power went off...and didn't come back on...the next was still off...and that night it was still off, and the next morning it was still off! What? And the temperature was 88 - 90 degrees! Finally, at almost the exact minute to 48 hours, the electric came back on, at 4:30 on Friday! We had the fridge and the two freezers hooked up to the generator. When we wanted a shower, we would unplug the freezer and fridge and plug in the pump to the well. And do the same to fill the horses' water tank. Oh, how I appreciate running water and electric lights! so many little things that we don't think even think about, such as brushing your teeth, doing a load of all takes water, that we take for granted.

On Friday, just as Ed arrived home, we had another nasty storm that dumped 4 1/2 inches of rain again! All told, we had over 9 inches of rain, in a couple of days! Electricity went off again a couple of times during this storm, but came back on and stayed on.

The uncut hay took a beating, and lots of it is laying down flat, instead of standing up. We are hoping it will stand back up and everything will dry out long enough to get it cut and baled.

We went to the grocery store this morning, but forgot to get Hamburger Buns. I had plans to grill some Venison Burgers for lunch. Since we forgot to get them, I decided to make some. I had a recipe for Hamburger Buns that I have had for 3 or 4 years. I dug it out and whipped them up and popped them in the oven, and oh, yum, were they good! They only raised for 40 minutes and then raised on the baking pan for 20. They baked for 15 minutes. They were soft and light, and just so good.

We have decided NOT to send Maddie to some one else to get her started to ride. I will do it myself. Why pay someone else to do what I can do? And I wasn't for sure that I liked some of their training methods. Since she is our baby, I will do it my way, that way I won't have to undo someone elses work. She couldn't call me and tell me that she didn't like what they were doing to her, so we will keep her home and do it ourselves.

I put the saddle on her last weekend and worked her in it and walked her around and she didn't care about it at all. She paid it no attention at all, so I'm sure that she will not be a problem to ride.

Baby sister came up yesterday and spent the day. We sorted through the photos of the wedding that she photographed a couple of weeks ago. We did some tweaking, cropping, color adjusting and put them on a CD for her client. They really looked nice and she was pleased with the end result.

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Yvonne said...

Wow, that really is a lot of rain! Late last summer we were without electricity for 48 hours also - it was such a pain! You're right, you really don't know how much you take for granted having electricity and water!