Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What does Solomon see? He was on high alert for thirty minutes! He was snorting and blowing, raising and lowering his head, trying to see 'it' better! And he is not a spooky horse, by any means! I walked out and stood beside him, but couldn't see a thing. He was so intent on watching, that he ignored me! And the other two were ignoring whatever it was, completely! About an hour later, I did see 3 deer, but they were on the backside of the hill, not where he could see them. Besides that, he sees deer all the time, as E has a deer feeder right near their dry lot. There are usually 2 to 5 deer out there every evening. The horses ignore them completely!
Next step in the 'drain pipe saga'. E rented a concrete saw on Sunday and made a couple of cuts the width of the room floor. The dust was awful and even with the door shut, permeated the whole house. Since neither of us has ever had to do anything like this before, we didn't expect so much dust! but too late now!

After several good whacks with the sledge hammer, we had a hole in the floor!

Now, where is that drain pipe? It was awfully wet under there!

Gotta make the hole bigger! Oh what a mess of mud and broken concrete, all over this bedroom floor. (we suspect that some one in the distant past, has enclosed a back porch to create this bedroom). There were channels all over underneath the concrete where we assume the water had been leaking for a long long time!

The pipe ended above a drain, such as you would find in a garage floor! The drain was completely filled with mud! There was absolutely no place for the water to go! E used a plumbers snake to ream out the drain, after digging out as much mud as he could get. Then he had me turn on the water to the bathtub,

and yea, it drained out, through the drain! But we are going to replace that iffy drain with all new PVC pipe, that won't clog with mud. What a horrible mess, and it stinks too! Time to get on with the next step. It has turned out to be a much bigger problem than we anticipated!

I took this from my kitchen window last Friday morning, just at daybreak. It was -14 below. There is a huge cave called Boone Cave, just over the line of trees in the background. There is also an opening to the cave in this sinkhole on our next door neighbors property. When it is cold outside, the fog just boils out of this opening and coats the trees around it in frost and ice. It is quite pretty. Boone cave goes right under our farm. It has been explored for about 3 miles inside. No, I'm not brave enough to go in side, just to see what is there!


Lois said...

Oh Girl, I don't envy your mess one bit. Been through all that when we madeover Mom Mom's house. We shoveled slurpie mud out from under the house, after removing the floors. Hope you get a handle on it sooner than later. Sorry I'm not there to help ya. Not. Thanks for the pictures. Soloman is getting to be quite an 'Old Gentleman'

Lois said...

Hey, you may just end up with a 'new' madeover house. That's what happened with Mom Mom's house. It was (is) about 120 years old. We started out, only to fix the floor in the livingroom that was falling in. Well, little by little, one thing led to another and one room led to another problem till we completely reworked the wholehouse. That included removing the old chimney and all the lath throughout the two stories,every room. Ended up with all new floorjoists, 2x4's, drywall, wireing and everything. Nothing left but the old foundation and outside walls. So, look at it on the bright side, you may get a new house. You could even change the floor plan. Of course this took us a couple years of working weekends a longggggggg nights after work. Boy was I glad to see that project end and the last coat of paint on.