Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update to an Ordinary Life

My birds are having a hard time trying to feed themselves and avoid the resident predators. Miss Betty is hiding in the daylilies, waiting and watching, hoping to catch one of my feathered friends. She hid in there for about 15 minutes, then made her move, only to miss her target! But once in a while they don't miss. Birds were lucky this time! Katie and I have been going on long walks. Vet said she needs to lose about 100 pounds, (to say nothing of the 40 I need to lose!). She has something going on with her stifle joint, so I'm not riding her, just going for walks. On one of them, down into the front hay field, we came across this antler shed, laying in the grass. After E came home from work, we walked around the grass, and nearby woods, looking for the matching antler, but couldn't find it. This came from a good size deer, according to E.
On Easter Sunday, we drove up to visit the grandboys and their Mom and Dad. They had a ball playing with Grandpa! Eli is 8 1/2 and
Even is 5 1/2. Eli love to come and 'discover' the eggs in the henhouse! He likes to help Grandpa with whatever he is doing and Evan likes to help me cook!

Grandpa and the grandboys!

This last weekend the grandboys family came down and camped at Brown County State Park. I took a walk, on one of the hiking trails and found this Dittany coming up through the leaves. There were lots of plants and that section of trail. I wanted to snip some and bring it home for tea, but figured it was not a good thing to do in a State Park. Don't know if it was against policy or not, so I didn't pick any.

It was late when we left their campsite and it was about 8:20 when I took this photo. The views are spectacular, even when it was nearly dark. But we had to hurry home because we had animals to feed that were waiting for us, so I didn't get to take photos like I wanted to.

Anyone for Hot Cross Buns? I used a recipe in the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and made a sweet dough and made these yummy buns. Oh, they were good! I also rolled out a portion of the dough and made it into Cinnamon Rolls and they were the best ones I've ever eaten!

Formed and rising on kitchen table. I didn't have currents, (the tradional fruit) so I cut up golden rains and dried cranberries and added them.

Want one? Help yourself!

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Ruth said...

An 'Ordinary Life' sounds good to me, so many people out there would love to trade places and have your 'ordinary life'. You are blessed.