Monday, May 25, 2009

Views of our little bit of country

Today is a rainy, lazy, slow day. We should be cutting hay, but it will have to wait until a dryer day to do that! The horses have to eat, but I dread all that sweaty work. It is doubly hard to do, because our hayfield is on a hillside, but it is 'what we got'!

Here is a photo of my garden that I took this morning out in the rain. The pototoes are ones that I had for cooking that started to sprout. I planted them in the garden and they are really nice looking so far. No bugs or anything There are jalepeno peppers, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, radishes, carrots, cukes, a tomato, beets I just planted, and buttercrunch lettuce. It isn't all planted yet, either. Oh and you can see the rhubarb and the horseradish in the back.
This is what recliners were made for, on a day like today! A holiday, very overcast and rainy!This is my little flower garden. I made it when we moved here almost thirteen years ago. This past winter was pretty hard on it and several of my perennials didn't survive it. I have lots of annuals to help fill it in. I have planted a couple more perennials, but it will take them awhile to fill out and look nice.
Gypsy, begging to have some of your attention!

These are my mud puppies!!

Baby sister and I went to Brown County a few weeks ago and here are a couple of photos that I took. Don't know what this is but it was pretty neat.

I spotted this young lady, standing in front of a church with all the spring flowers blooming around her. Is this what is known as a 'tourist'??

And here is a photo of my new wheels! It is in the hospital, getting the heater core repaired. When I drove it, the windshield would fog up and a mist or vapor would flow from the vents and from under the dash. It didn't do this for the first three weeks we had it. Hmmm, wonder why...

Well, I hope I have rejoined the blogesphere. Will try to update a bit more often.

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Ruth said...

Love those new wheels! mine aint so perty but it gets me there and back. Welcome back to the blogisphere.