Saturday, July 04, 2009

Missy is showing a bit of improvement. She can lick her back toes if she wants to now. I saw her roll herself over form left to right! She also spends more time up on her chest as she is in this photo, instead of flat out on her side. Her appetite has improved a lot. For a long time, she would hardly eat at all, now she will eat everything put in front of her! Her back legs are still not working yet, but she is able to do much more than she could 3 weeks ago. Her demeanor is much happier. I give her a full body massage and stretch and work her back legs in a swimming and walking motion. She seems to like all the attention.

This is a photo of a single flower of one of my Hostas. I have several different varieties, but don't know the names of any of them. I liked this. It reminds me of a lily. Smells nice too.

This is E's garden, with the horses' run-in shed up on the hill behind it. There are two plantings of sweet corn, also of green beans, one row of kidney beans, one sweet potato growing in the stack of old tires, several varieties of tomatoes, one short row of potatoes, and lots of volunteer cherry tomatoes, all over the garden.

I found this hiding in the cucumber leaves in my garden! I love fresh young cucumbers. I am making cucumber and onion salad with this one. If I get enough of these at once, (there are three plants) I will make bread and butter pickles.

I am growing my cukes on a wire cage this year. Hopefully they will be easier to pick and produce more fruit. An experiment in progress.
Garlic anyone? This is elephant garlic. I have heard that it is milder than regular garlic, but as this is the first harvest, I haven't tasted it yet. Whatever am I going to do with all of it? How to preserve some of it? any ideas? This is just one plant and there are at least 4 more!

I have dug two hills of my potatoes. There were some nice sized ones. I wasn't expecting much, as these were just 'grocery store' potatoes that had started to sprout so I stuck them in the garden this spring. I like this kind of a bonus! Free potatoes! Wish I had a root cellar, then I would grow enough to feed us a long time. I am going to make potato salad with these.

A man and his grill. Last weekend we went to Mom and Dads for Fathers Day and had a lovely visit and good food. E grilled the chicken which was very juicy and done just 'right'! He is a 'good cooker' as David told Mom one summer when he came to spend a couple of weeks with us. I don't remember what she had made but it was something he especially liked, I'd guess.

The hungry horde! Everyone filling their plates. The weather was just lovely, very comfortable to eat outside.

Anyone for homemade sweet tea? It was so tasty and 'hit the spot'!
I see chocolate cake, bannana pudding, and watermelon for dessert.

This nice looking young man brought his hearty appetite too. His Chocolate No Bake Cookies were very tasty! He can make a mean cherry pie too! A man of many talents.

What is she loading her plate with? Looks like baked beans and a piece of chicken. Bet she had chocolate cake for dessert!
It was a perfect day, good food, good company to eat it with, good weather, lets do it again real soon!!


Ruth said...

Congratulations Missy, so glad to hear you are improving. Love the pics of the dinner. Hey I don't look so fat in that picture! You must have gotten my good side. Sis likes the picture of her too.

Jeanie said...

Enjoyed all the pictures, thanks for sharing them! Good to see all of you. ;) Glad that Missy is getting better.

Love you!