Monday, March 07, 2011

We finished the chicken house extension this past weekend. When we get our new chicks in a couple of weeks, they will be all snug and warm with room to move around if they feel want to. It was pretty tight before, especially when they grew a bit. It just wasn't quite big enough for twenty chickens.  
Maddie was quite interested in what were were doing, sawing and hammering on the chicken house. She came down to the fence where we were working and wanted to get involved too! She hung out with us awhile, just watching, then went back up to the shed to hang with Solomon and Katie, and finish her lunch.
She sat on the roof of the chicken house and kept up a running commentary as to whether we were doing it right or not. In her opinion, it 'would do' for 'those' kinds of birds!
One of our elderly clients gave Jannet and I, a potted bulb at Christmas time. Mine had two buds on it and a couple of weeks ago, this is what it looked like! Just beautiful!  Thank you again, Katherine!


Jeanie said...

Glad to hear everything is healed and in working order. Now to just recover from the cost, huh?! If just an ER visit cost big bucks, guessing your stay cost mega bucks!

Wishing for some free range chickens of our own when tick season arrives! But David says, "No way!" The new addition looks great. Good job, Ed and Company. :)

Ruth said...

Beautiful flower! And I love the cat talk.... Smart cat.

mom said...

strange colored cat maybe that makes him(her)smart enouf to tell you if that chicken house will do for ....those kind of birds....

Bluebird74 said...

There isn't a horse in Martin county that is nice and round like yours, I had forgotten what they are really supose to look like :(
They need someone to show them how to feed the poor animals!!