Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I was craving shoofly pie but didn't want to make a regular pie, as E doesn't like them so I would have to eat the whole pie! (That would be a real hardship, now wouldn't it?) Anyway, I suddenly remembered that I had seen a recipe for a Crustless Shoofly Pie. I looked for the particular cookbook that had it in it and decided to make it right then and there!  So here it is. It was a little bit gooey on the bottom, just enough, and somewhat cakey on the top part. Perfect!  I will give Jeanne Jones her due, as this came from her cookbook, Cooking From the Cupboard. It was very tasty and hit the 'spot'!
Must use a deep enough pie plate as  it rises up quite a bit.
Still too hot to eat, should have waited for it to cool but just couldn't do that.
Oops! Had two pieces! Oh, so good!
This is the molasses that I used. It is a sorghum and molasses combination.
 But next time I will use just straight molasses and it would have even more flavor.
Here are the ingredient in the syrup that I used. Using sorghum gave it a whole different taste, I'm sure. And you can be sure that I will make it again!
If you so choose, you can click a photo to make it larger and to make your mouth water! He He!!!!


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Hey, that looks too good. If you so desire, might you want to contribute one Sunday? Now see whtcha went and did? Pweeze? I need your 'honey syrup' receipe again, musta missed placed it, no, I did missplace it. Tank-you Dearie.

Bluebird74 said...

Silly, you still made a whole pie, and had to eat it! I can just imagine how hard it was and how you had to work to get it all eaten. Bless your heart, it must have pained you so...
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese bring one on Sunday so we can try too :)

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mom said...

COME ON NOW you surely have polished off that pie by now--it's time for another Yummy,we are waiting with bated breath for another yummmmmie MOM