Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here are a few photos that I took as we built and planted a new flower   bed at Mom and Dads. Talk about getting your hands dirty! All winter I wanted to get out and dig in the dirt, so that is what we did! And I still have stains on my hands that will have to wear off, I guess. Can't scrub it off, but it was worth it!
Baby sister got as dirty as I did, but it was worth it to see it all planted and beautiful. Or it will be when the flowers grow a bit and fill it in completely.
When I was leaving town to drive back to my home, I passed this scene with the field of yellow flowers. It was so pretty.
Anyone remember a photo that was very similar to this one, but was taken 28 years ago?  
Throw her in the creek! See how big a splash she makes! No, not really, that wouldn't be nice, but I'll bet she thought he was going to do it!


mom said...

yes, I remember 28 years ago doing just that !!!!!....and .I wonder what a splash would be like if they both fell in

Lois said...

Nice pictures, Sharon. Thanks for sharing. You should post that picture 28 years ago. Nice job on the flower bed. Yes, Kenny and Sarah Beth would have made a BIG splash and a few sore bones. Good thing she's no bigger than a minute. Thanks too, for driving the distance, and your good chocolate cake.

Bluebird74 said...

I even remember what ruth was wearing, it was a blue jean skirt!
Now Sharon we need to take another picture in about 2 monthes to see the progress of the flowers, see it the plants liked out concoction of comopost, spagnum and dirt!
I sure could eat a piece of Million Dollor Apple Pie, Dallas was the last time I remember eating one!!