Sunday, May 01, 2011

Grandboys Weekend

The boys (ages 10 and 7) wanted to go turkey hunting with Grandpa, so they each brought a bow and arrow set to 'get a turkey'. Well, as they were more 'toys' than anything real, they were having fun anyway. Grandpa set up a target for them to practice on. They went for a long hike in the woods with Grandpa but no turkey showed itself. All they brought back with them were several ticks. Had to throw all their clothes in the wash machine. But they had fun anyway as the weather was nice on Saturday. Not so much today.
When I asked what was their favorite cookie, they both said Chocolate Chip, so 7 year old and I made cookies. The mixer did most of the mixing but he stirred in the chips and finished the cookies. He did a good job,
he put them on the pans and
taste tested them too! Delicious! He shared them with his brother and Grandpa too!
A fun but lively weekend! These grandparents aren't used to so much activity and constant chatter! But we would do it again, just not every day!!


Lois said...

come on, why not every day? It would keep ya young.

mom said...

who took the picture since yare all sitting on the glider?????

Ruth said...

Put a chef's hat on that kid and send him my way!