Sunday, July 17, 2011

Locked Out! and Pie Crust Recipe

One day last week, I came home from work a little early, at about 2:45 PM. I went into the house and dropped all my stuff onto the kitchen table and then took the dogs out to the back yard to potty. We then came back to the house and I tried to open the door to come inside where it was cool, but...nope, the door had locked itself. It has always been a little sticky but if you wiggle the handle just right it would open. But this time, the lock was completely locked. I tried all the doors, all the go. I just happened to have the portable phone in my pocket. I called Ed at work and asked him if he had any ideas? No, nothing. So I went out to the garage and found a chaise lounge yard chair, parked it in the shade of a tree in the yard, and sweated and waited. It was very humid and hot! Had a dog on each side of me, laying in the grass. Finally Ed got home at 5:10 and unlocked that door! Couldn't even take a nap because of the sweat bees, flies, and an occasional mosquito, which managed to get a good bite in! We used to have a spare key, but we have misplaced it and we haven't found it yet! Enough of that!

Here is your pie crust recipe:

2 cups flour
1/4 cup opf water
2/3 cup of shortening
1 tsp. salt

Take 1/3 cup flour out and mix with 1/4 cup water. Mix to loose paste, then set aside. Using pastry blender, combine remaining flour and shortening, then add the flour water mixture. Stir just until combined, then divide into two disks, and roll out to fit your pie plate.

I want to try this but I am NOT going to turn on my oven, as we haven't had our air conditioner on yet, and we don't need to add to the summer heat. So I will wait until it is cooler in the house.

Yesterday, I adapted a recipe for a coffee cake to work in the Turbo Oven. It worked!! Since I have not baked a cake in it, I wasn't sure how it would work, but it worked well, with a couple of small tweaks. I covered the pan with foil for the first 15 minutes, (so it would have time to rise, before the hot air set the top of the cake too much) then I lowered the temperature 25 degrees. I took the foil off for the last 10 - 15 minutes to let it set up and to brown. It was perfect! It made an 8 inch cake, just right for us.


mom said...

I'm sorry about your hot,uncomfortable day,but maybe you sweated off a half pound!!!!!! about the pie crust .... you add the salt in with the flour,,,,, Try the raisins for a few days to see if they help your joints .....curala

mom said...

honestly I don't know how that mrs boo-boo maker always seems to manage to get a word in where she has no business