Sunday, August 07, 2011

My busy Day

I haven't used the oven all summer as it has just been too hot. Today we left it on as we were home all day. I really took advantage of it and made this loaf of Grandmother Bread because I wanted a tomato sandwich on homemade bread! I have never had a loaf of bread turn out as well as this one or rise as high! And it tasted as good as it looked!

This was supper tonight, homemade bread and sliced tomatoes (from a friend, as ours are still green, thanks Charlotte). I had canned a couple of jars of Pickled Banana Peppers, and with the rest of the peppers, I made an Italian Sausage and Mozzarella filling, and stuffed them with it, then folded a store-bought Crescent Roll around them and baked them. That is what Ed is picking up to put on his plate. They were good too.

When I was in the Dutch Pantry Store with my sisters and Mumsie a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a container of powdered cheese, specifically to make these hamburger rolls from King Arthur Flours recipe collection. I finally had the time to do it and here they are. Haven't tasted them yet, but with a grilled burger...they just have to be tasty! We will see tomorrow night for supper!
And that is how my day went, how about yours?? I'm tired but had a productive day!
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Farm Girl said...

Ok, we left the air conditioner on all day! Hope that makes more sense!

Lois said...

I knew what ya ment. Wow, looks like some gooood eaten. Wish I lived closer. My day? Went to church then to moms to work up corn that fell, 3/4 of the patch! Sarah was there, hubby finally made it so we ended up with 51 bags for the freezer. Call folks to come on over and pick off the ground, three came. One was to lazy to pick off the fallen corn,

Lois said...

Ken and dad told them to only pick the 'down' corn but he didn't listen. Ken told him again so they promptly left. Going back again to put up more. Cooked it outside in a turkey fryer.

Bluebird74 said...

Oh Sharon your bread looks just wonderful so pretty too, you did you did good. I have never seen such pretty bread-in mom's kitchen only!

Jeanie said...

Makes me want to break out the bread machine! LOL Not as good as your homemade but better than store bought! ;) Yummy looking! We are eating the last of our garden tomatoes this week. So many were really small but still tasty. :)