Saturday, July 12, 2014


It has been more than a year since I have put anything on my Blogger page. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, so we will just begin today as if I just left off yesterday. OK? OK. 

Ed and I have been making hay most of this and last week, It feels like it has been going on for weeks, but thankfully, it has finally ended! For now. Later in the fall, we will bale the second cutting. We put 702 bales of first cutting hay in the barn! This hay was about 5 or 6 weeks over mature but that couldn't be helped as the weather didn't cooperate. That is the most we have ever had in the loft and it is stuffed! There is no room to put a second cutting, as it stands now. Ed has suggested we take a trailer load to Rockville and sell it at the hay auction, (that would be 80 bales on the trailer) just to make room. I particularly want to keep the second cutting of hay to feed Solomon as it is much less stemmy and easier for him to eat at his advanced age of 26 years old. I don't have any photos as we were just too busy, too tired and exhausted. Ed said we will never cut that whole field at one time again. Just too much for two and a half people. (Neighbor helped a little, as we baled his small field for him and it made 45 bales for his two horses. He has no where to store more than that.

And on to other things. Some time ago, I found a recipe for Caramelized Onions cooked in a crockpot. I finally got around to trying them today. They are cooking right now. Supposed to cook 8 to 10 hours on low so we will see how they turn out. Love to add them to sandwiches, scrambled eggs and omelets. I've made them in my cast iron frying pan before, but it takes a while to cook them properly. I hope this works out. These are about half done in this photo.

My garden is looking nice so far. I am trying something new this year. We were in Rural King during the spring sometime and I found a package of Bush Zucchini seeds. I have three plants in the garden and one of them has a 4 inch zucchini on it! (The were put out quite late and were long and lanky but they have recovered nicely). My garden is pretty small at 16 X 12 feet, so I don't have room for the usual sprawling veggie plants. These are not supposed to spread more than 3 feet across. That is still big, but I wanted some zucchini to eat! I always grow Bush Cucumbers on a small frame that Ed made and they produce well, with smaller plants and yet the cukes are regular size. Tasty too. I have already picked one cucumber and there is another that is about 4 inches long. I have 4 of those plants, I think.
 I planted Elephant garlic that Sarah gave me several years ago and they have prospered and multiplied. Anyone need garlic? They are ready to dig now, and then they are normally planted in the fall again.

Mom and Dad, here is a photo just for you! Mickey said to tell you hello and he hopes you come and visit sometime.

 He eats too much but is healthy and happy. I have never had a cat that talks so much! He even talks more than my Siamese used to! He has a lot to say! He follows me about the house and lays down near my feet, and then follows me somewhere else in the house and flops down and waits until I go somewhere else. Loves to be petted and fussed over, but don't try to comb out all that dead hair! He bites me when I try that! Other wise he is a sweetie.


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hello sharonthis is your mommie how are you iam pretty good the sun isshinning .iam going to loiss house tomorrowand help her do beans ,,i thinkim not sure

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Nice to see someone blow the dust off the keys! Sarah