Thursday, July 24, 2014

The caramelized onions were a success! I put about 3/4 cup fulls in ziplock freezer bags and put them in the freezer. Now it will save me cooking time when I want some for a sandwich or for breakfast eggs!
I would certainly do this again. 

Anyone know how to discourage deer from eating the garden, that really works? We have put the dog in the garden area, with a doghouse so he is out of the weather if need be. The deer are coming in the garden, not 15 feet from the dog, and eating the green beans! Ed has put repellant on them several times and so far nothing has worked! Apparently they are doing this when the dog is asleep because if he was awake, NO DEER WOULD BE SAFE IF HE COULD REACH IT!
Do you see any leaves on those beans? NOOOO! But they did have lots of leaves and lots of small beans that weren't ready to pick! But no more!
These are beans on an A frame to make them easy to pick! But all we did was make it easy for the deer to pick them. The dogs' house is 12 to 15 feet to the right of this frame!
So to give the deer something to think about he moves the dogs' house every couple of days. The red arrow is the beans on the A frame, and the green arrow is the beans with no leaves, and the orange arrow in the lower right is where the dogs' house is right now. Within deer grabbing reach! Will we get any beans? Don't know. Time will tell, but we are pretty upset at the deer. They also eat the tomatoes if they can reach one. Ed has them in cages but they have chowed down on several already. Green ones! It seems like we are surrounded! We can look out and see them in the edges of the fields often. 

This morning I had to rescue a fawn that had gotten into the back yard. Before I left for work, I put Buddy (our deer dog, Ha!) in the back yard and I went to water the flowers on the porch. I heard this awful bellowing in the back yard. This was just about 5 minutes after putting him in the yard and closing the gate. I went running down the hill, and he had a fawn down, on its back, biting it. It got away from him, and he got it down three more times before I could get my hands on him. I finally got him on a leash, which I had in my hand and the baby ran along the fence trying to get out. It was in a panic and was just running into the fence trying to get out of the yard. I took Buddy and chained him in the barn. He barked his head off as I interrupted his fun. I went back down the hill but couldn't find the baby. It had some superficial skin injuries, but wasn't seriously hurt. I saw it running along the fence line just after I caught him and it didn't appear to be damaged. Just scared out of its wits. When Ed got home tonight, we both went down there and couldn't find it. I think when things got quiet it must have jumped back over the fence. That is the only way it could have gotten into the yard in the first place! I sure don't want to have to do that again, and that was the way my day started. I could just do without all that excitement, and I think that baby could too.


Anonymous said...

hi Sharon,Sarah made supper tonight and iT wAS good. Biscuts and tomatoes I am just learning to type.Sorry about your beans,maybe you will get some next year.

Anonymous said...

Sharon those are beautiful carmalized onions! Mom said when she saw your onions "how does she do that"!
How tall is your fence, I don't think the deer jumped over the garden fence at the home did they?
Glad you where there to rescue the little baby deer :)