Sunday, October 09, 2005

It is a beautiful morning. Crisp and cool at 44° this morning. We haven't had a fall frost yet, so the leaves really don't have much color. But I expect that will come soon. I am enjoying these cooler days after the heat and humidity of August. The horses are loving it too. They are more frisky and NO huge horseflies to bother them.

I was sitting here working on my computer when I had a little visitor outside my window. I suspect he lives inside the wall of the house. I hear a thumping and rattling like nuts being moved around. The cat finds him very frustrating. Sometimes he will run across the deck and tease her. She is inside looking at him from 10 inches away, and he is on the deck, running back and forth, and sometimes stops and sits in front of her as if he is saying, "Ha ha, he he, you can't catch me!" Poor kitty, she twitches and switches her tail, but to know avail, and he knows it!

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