Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This morning I walked up to the top of Dick's hill to take some early sunrise photos. It is the highest hill around here to see the sun wake up in the mornings.It was COLD out there! I had gloves on but they just got in the way of my camera controls. I was hoping to see some deer but they were all hidden and didn't show themselves. Here is one of the photos I took this morning.

This afternoon I thought I would bake a cake. This one is for the little ghosts and goblins. It is called Boogers and Slugs! It had such a cute name I just had to make one. It is basically a spice cake but it has 4 cups of diced green tomatoes in it and yellow raisins and nuts. Together these give it an unusual look. But it tasted wonderful. It was moist and fruity. Ed like it also. I put Caramel Frosting on it, and it complimented it very nicely. Now, the only problem I see with this cake is that there are only two of us to eat it, and I don't want to eat that much cake!! So I may send some to work with him tomorrow!

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Ruth said...

I want some!!!