Friday, October 14, 2005

Jelly and Eggs!!

Last Sunday I found some wild grapes growing up in a scrubby tree in the fence row behind the barn. Ed was using the tractor at the time which gave me an idea. When he finished his job I asked him if he would help me pick those grapes and this was his answer:

I mashed the fruit and strained out all the stems and seeds and this was the result of my efforts. Ed said it is pretty tasty, as he had some on his toast this morning.

Our chickens are in a laying frenzy right now. We have 7 hens, of which five are pullets that just started to lay in mid September. We are getting 4 to 7 eggs a day! Our farrier came to trim the horses feet this morning and I sent two dozen home with her. She said they eat a lot of eggs, especially her 3 year old daughter. These are such pretty eggs too! Here is a photo of todays eggs.


Ruth said...

Last year we found a cherry tree with the best tasting cherries but couldnt reach them. I should have thought of this. It was at a site we were tearing down a cabin. I would love to taste some of that jelly.

mom said...

Daddy boosted me up in the bucket to put the tarp over the trailor roof and to pick apples last year. a great tool to have around