Monday, April 24, 2006

Here are some photos of our weekend. Sister S. and I went to Lexington, Ky. on a field trip with the Bloomington Photo Club, of which I'm a member. We went with another girl, who is also a member. By splitting our motel room three ways, it was affordable for all of us. This was an overnight trip. We left on Friday and got back on Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun. There were about 30 of us on this trip.

We took many photos. The top picture is of a horse barn, on one of the Thoroughbred farms that are so common to the area. The next one is of a different farm, with one of our members taking a shot of it also. We ate breakfast at the Jockey's Cafeteria. Then we went out to the practice track, where these last two were taken. These were shot early in the morning on Sunday. It was a very busy place, with horses coming and going, constantly. Are we looking at the next Derby winner? Who knows!

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Ruth said...

Wish I could have gone too. Looks like some pretty scenery.