Monday, May 29, 2006

I did it!!! I took Katie and we went to JW Jones to ride! I wanted to so badly, for a long time, but hauling has been so nerve wracking for me that I have chicken out up to now. But...last night Ed hitched the truck up and he kept saying " you can do it"! Well, I used to 'do it', but that was 9 years ago! Anyway, this morning I was on the road by 7:20 and even with the white knuckles and the holding my breath and not driving over 35 mph, it was an uneventful trip. Woo-eee!!!

Katie was a good girl and after she settled down a bit, we had a nice ride. I rode an hour, and we were both hot and sweaty. It was soooo humid. I took her to the wash area and bathed her before we loaded up and headed home. This place is 18 miles, round trip, from our house. It has miles of trails, an indoor arena, camp sites, water and pit toilets. What more could you want? It is open to anyone to enjoy, just sign a waiver so they aren't responsible in case of an accident.
I just might go again soon and try different trails!


Ruth said...

Yeah! You did it! congratulations. it seems like a lot of work and effort though for just an hour ride. But hey, you had fun, thats all that counts.

Jeanie said...

Alright! Proud of you and Katie! Sounds like a great place. Wish I was there with you!