Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Letter Meme:
I've been invited to play by a friend. I tried to post a link to her blog, but it didn't work and I am not computer literate enough to figure it out. If someone can get the links back onto my page, let me know what you need to do this. So...I'll just play: I was given the letter B. I have studied on this for a couple of days, and didn't think I could come up with anything that started with a B, but now I am on a roll, so look out!!

1. Backseat: I have been accused of being the worlds worst 'backseat driver'! I do attempt to bite my tongue on occasion.

2. Blessed: I am very blessed to have a wonderful man that loves me and he is a good friend too! What more could I ask for?

3. Broccoli: I love it any way you can think to fix it. Love it! Love it!

4. Buttermilk: I love buttermilk. Pour a tall glass of cold buttermilk, sprinkle it with black pepper, stir it in, and enjoy! Wonderful!

5. Bananas: Um, what can I say, I really don't care for anything that is flavored with bananas. I absolutely hate ripe bananas. I can eat them with a bit of green on the stem.

6. Bridle: A bridle is a major piece of my life. I love riding and training horses, and the bridle makes it all possible.

7. Blackberry: I love to pick blackberries and eat every third or fourth one! Is that why I never get my bucket full? Toooo yummmmy!

8. Babysitter: I am a good babysitter. I get down on the floor and play and interact with my babies and they love it.

9. Books: I love to read, have read many kinds of books. They have opened many places to me that I will never have the chance to visit or experience.

10. Bright: I love a bright room with many windows to let in the light. Paint it butter yellow as a bonus!!!


Yvonne said...

Uh oh - bananas - did'nt I send you banana bread once???

Farm Girl said...

Yes you did and it was delicious! I do like banana bread. I make it myself but banana ICE CREAM? and banana SHAKES? and DRIED banana chips??? Yuck!!!

Ruth said...

I love a bananna shake and bananna candy! What's wrong with you, girl?

Lois said...

Ya Ruth, but I bet you only like them 'cause it's your man's favorite, banana cake, and it rubbed off on ya, huh?