Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, my daily life has been very hum drum lately. Nothing to write about. My little boys are doing very well, now that things are more structured. I have one of them going to sleep by himself in the crib, and am still working on the other, and he is getting better.

But they are in for an upheaval next week. Their birth mother, (daddy has full custody) and her mother are getting them for a week and will be taking them to Missouri for the week. She hasn't seen them for 4 months! They don't even know her anymore! What can I do about it, you ask? Nothing! But I can tell you they won't be the same boys when they come back, so I will have to start all over again!!

Ok, enough of that subject. The vet came yesterday to give our three horses their spring shots along with a general exam. He found that Maddie had two 'wolf teeth' located in front of her upper molars and two lower molar caps ( baby teeth) that didn't fall out when they should. He removed the caps. But one of her wolf teeth, ( a useless very small tooth that has nothing to do with chewing) was under the gum and laying sideways. It was making a lump in her gum. He pulled the one that was visible, but had to go in and get the one under the gum. Talk about blood!!! Yuck! He told me before he did it that it would be bloody and that anything done in the mouth makes a lot of blood, and it did!! He said it would take her two weeks to heal up. She is having trouble eating her hay now. I guess her mouth is very sore. These wolf teeth interfer with a bit, and I want to start training her this summer, so getting them out was a good thing I guess, but it wasn't pretty! This is the first horse that I have ever had that had those teeth. Not every one of them does. Guess I got lucky this time, huh??

I got home a little early today, so I mowed some grass until the mower belt fell off. Then I pulled weeds and dug dandelion out of my flower garden, and planted a couple of pots with some flowers that I bought at Lowe's last Saturday.

For supper I made a Greek Bread Salad. I saw it on TV and it looked so good! And you know what, it tasted as good as it looked! I ate most of a whole bowl full! Shame on me!

Our next door neighbors asked if they could borrow our horse trailer because she bought two more horses and wants to pick them up tomorrow. So E. got it out of the shed and aired up the tires and hitched it up to her truck, so she is good to go tomorrow.
Ok, does that get me caught up with everyone?

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Lois said...

Now I know you're still out there too, good.
I thought the birth mother went back to her own country.