Friday, August 11, 2006

Nuttin New Here

What to write about? Things have been on a pretty even keel lately.
Here is a recent photo of my little boys.They had their first birthday this week.

I froze 14 pints of our sweet corn, and we ate lots too. It was so good.

Here is a photo of the treehouse at JW Jones Horse trails. It is something to see. I climbed up and looked out the windows. It is several stories tall. There is a room that is about 10 x10 at the top of the stairs. It is really neat. There are tie rails for the horses and a couple of picnic tables at the parking area at the bottom of the tree.

I made a loaf of Zucchini Herb Bread in the bread machine last evening. It has Italian seasoning in it and shredded zucchini. A tomato sandwich made with it is super good! Come and share it with me!

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Lois said...

Hey, Timmy would like a treehouse like that one, do you have a blueprint? What kind of tree is it? How do you freeze corn?