Sunday, September 03, 2006

And a good time was had by all!

Yesterday, E and I went to the Paragon (little town) Homecoming. It is mostly just a town wide yard sale. The streets were blocked off and there were yard sales all over the place. They had food venders and bands, etc. It was nice, and the weather was good, 70 degrees and partly cloudy. I enjoyed spending time with E, just walking about and talking.

We went to a large flea market near Columbus today. I found a nice big wooden birdfeeder for 2.00. The birds will eat well this winter. It was a fun day. Now it is back to work. We are trying to make a 'sawdust stall' in the barn. We have an area that we put sawdust in, in one of the stalls. But it needs fixed so we can fill it up and not have to go and shovel a pickup load of sawdust every two weeks. When we get this done, it will hold a lot of sawdust. Tomorrow we are going to Lebanon, E's dad has an elevator that E wants to use so we don't have to shovel the stall full. The elevator should unload the sawdust into the stall and we can get a lot more in it. Lets hope it works!

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mom said...

sounds like a wonderful day ,,I enjoy making the rounds of the junk stores with Daddy....Friday he takes me to Ireland to get my shoulder worked on at 10.00 a.m. so we will have another day to junk shop