Friday, September 01, 2006

We have had some very nice cool, cloudy weather, thanks to Ernesto. I am enjoying every minute of it! After all the heat and humidity of the summer,IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!
Here is a scene I saw today when I looked out the window, while feeding the boys their lunch. Isn't she a beautiful doe? This photo was taken through a window with a screen on it, which gives it the out of focus look. This doe has a fawn that was still in the woods, out of sight.

My boys' mother has returned to Germany, so we are on our own again, and they are happy and doing wonderful. They are beginning to walk all over the house. Last week they started taking a tentative step or two, but now there is now stopping them!

Here is the website that I tried to send in a previous post: . It was up and working today, so try it again.


Lois said...

Thanks for the nice doe picture, it's not every day you see deer like you do. Beats the sidewalks of New York any day. The stone work is beautiful. May I ask what a stone costs like the one they made you? That's what we need on our 'rock' up by our road. It has sat there over a year just waiting for some numbers to be put on it. How are you liking your 'freedom' with that women gone [for good]?

Jeanie said...

So glad that you have your camera back. Love all the pictures! What a nice surprise and it will be very pretty with flowers planted all around it.